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As of 2017, given the era of decentralization, Karma’s new mission is to provide the Karma Protocol and Karma Internation Token (KIT) to empower membership-based communities around the world, including:

  • Physical membership organizations (for example, golf clubs)
  • Virtual membership organizations (such as university alumni chapters)
  • Non-profit organizations which lack the operational backbone (CRM, ERP, Analytics, etc.)

Established in 2005, Karma had the original mission of connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals both socially and professionally through a variety of high profile experiential events, business networking events and social gatherings.

Token Generation Event (TGE) Structure



All cryptocurrencies accepted through Changelly.


Karma International Token (KIT)

Token Supply:

1,000,000,000 KIT



Token Sale Cap:


Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Token Distribution Model

Token Distribution Model

Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap

Token Sales Key Dates

Token Sales Keydate

Pre-TGE Start

Token Sales Keydate

Pre-TGE End

Token Sales Keydate

TGE Start

Token Sales Keydate


Token Sales Keydate

Token Release

TGE Bonuses

Bonuses are to be given in a time-based manner during the TGE as below:

TGE Bonuses

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Marketing Outreach

February 21-22 Bucharest d10e (6th edition)
March 6 Dubai World Blockchain Forum
June 5-6 Tel Aviv d10e (7th edition)
July 7 London Crypto Financing Summit
July 16-18 Barcelona Coin Agenda
July 30-31 Shanghai FinWise Global Blockchain Summit
August 11-12 San Francisco d10e (8th edition)
September 6-7 Los Angeles Crowd Invest Summit (2nd edition)
September 15 Zurich ICO Summit
September 16-19 Kyiv d10e (9th edition)
September 20 London Blockchain Live
September 22 Moscow Genesis Conference
September 23-26 Mumbai India Blockchain Week
September 25-26 Dubai Blockchain Middle East Summit
September 25-26 London World Blockchain Forum
October 3-5 Barcelona Blockchain Solutions Forum
October 10-11 Warsaw Wolves Summit / d10e (10th edition)
October 10-11 Los Angeles BlockCon
October 24-25 Dubai World Blockchain Summit
October 28-31 Gibraltar d10e (11th edition)